oblique gravity
spring 2018

Earth before, during, and after the events of the Hatching of New Terra, circa 2080
the hatching of New Terra - circa 2081 -

Human civilization had thrived on the surface, molding the crust to their will. An earthquake of cataclysmic size struck in our year 2080 p.h., splitting the planet into pieces. The forces that had previously governed the earth crumbled with the earth’s destruction. Few of earth’s creatures survived this assault. Of the species that survived, humans were among the most resilient. Using the carcass of the world they had crafted for themselves, the humans began again. Gravity as they knew it had failed them and turned on them. Down was no longer down, but oblique. The disintegrating magnetic field released a massive destructive pulse that wiped out “elektroniks” on a universal scale. The old order was no longer sustainable - houses, institutions no longer livable. Salvation was found in tethering and tensile structures strung from the old world towers. New relationships with environments created a new nature, based on the cities of old.

She-attle post-hatch - circa 2200 p.h. -

early post hatch Sheattle infrastructure

model depicting tensile construction

Sheattle post-hatch - circa 2200 -